Sunday, June 21, 2009

PSA: tethering your iPhone on Rogers doesn't cost extra

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Hey, AT&T, Rogers stole your extended subsidy idea, so why not return the favor and copy some of this when pc tools internet security 2008 roll out iPhone tethering later this year? Canada's GSM giant is charging precisely nil for the pleasure of connecting your iPhone to a computer and using it as a modem, instead merely deducting bytes from your data bucket just as though you were consuming them on the iPhone itself -- as long as you have at least 1GB of data in your plan, otherwise tethering's not available. That works especially well in concert with those who have Rogers' sweet 6GB-for-$30 data add-on, but otherwise, many users (especially those with meager 1GB accounts) test my broadband speed have to be careful not to overrun their monthly limits. At any rate, the takeaway internet keyboard is that if AT&T comes out with a $50-plus tethering add-on with a 5GB bucket at this point, there'll be riots, bloodied bodies, overturned cars, the whole nine yards.

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Update: Michael Bettiol points out that Rogers is ominously saying this pricing structure is good through December 31st, so it's anyone's guess what happens after that. Odds are Rogers is giving itself an out in case data usage is totally off the chain.

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